Our purpose is to accelerate the energy transition with smarter wind farm designs

At Sideshore Technology, we believe data science and optimisation methods will play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable world. Our main service is to optimise the layout of offshore wind turbines, substations, and cables. Our approach is to tailor our cost models to the project specifics, bring them together in a single model, and optimise the wind farm layout automatically using our proprietary optimisation techniques. The resulting cost savings will help to accelerate the energy transition and allow a more effective use of offshore wind farm areas.

Key value for developers

State-of-the-art optimisation provides significant cost savings


Different strategies are easily assessed (turbine models, burial strategies)


Easy updates in case of changes to boundary conditions (e.g. different turbine model)


Quantified sensitivity analyses

Sensitivity to burial strategy

Cost savings

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Sensitivity to year of seabed

Cost difference

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